I Deal Computers Ltd. offers a full range of IT Consultancy Services, Software Development, Sales and After-Sales Support (for both, computer hardware and software) and Installation of LANs and WANs. Over the years, billions of dollars have been invested in personal computers in order to stay in sync and compete in the present-day information-driven economy. With the advent of the Windows Operating Systems (OS), more complex application programs, sophisticated networks, Internet and Intranets, the older version PCs are unable to meet the current processing requirements. Having understood this, we came upon a unique solution. By taking advantage of the 'Open-Systems Design' of most personal and desktop computers, we provide a cost-effective alternative to replacement of existing PC systems, thus saving money and helping the ecological balance.
Company Philosophy
I Deal Computers Ltd. was formed to provide a solution to bring down the high purchase costs of buying automation. Founded by a distributor, we know this business from all aspects. It is because of this, and our personalized service, that in the short time since our inception, we have built a solid reputation, bringing the best of computer technology to the consumer market. We have become one of the most known and trusted sources across the entire country when it comes to solution analysis, cost effectiveness, and customer service.
Our approach to servicing our clients is founded on our understanding of business needs and problems specific to our country and environment. We render only those services that we believe will be beneficial to our clients. This enables the laser-sharp focus required for innovation within the boundaries. Our understanding of the local business environment, and the vast expertise and experience of our staff, places us in a strategic and advantageous position to fruitfully execute any project in area of Information Technology.
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